SOS failure on mkisofs on FreeBSD-6.1-R amd64

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at
Thu Oct 18 09:18:39 PDT 2007

luizbcampos at wrote:

>        Trying to make a bootable CD, I did the following according to
> FreeBSD doc:

Where does one find this "FreeBSD doc"?

>        #mkisofs -R -no-emul-boot -b /boot/cdboot -o /home/user/0S to
> be burned  /home/user/cdboot
>        And I got the message: "uh, oh I can't find the boot
> image /boot/cdboot"
>        Suggestions?

Check the man page:

       -b eltorito_boot_image
              Specifies  the  path  and  filename of the boot image to be used
              when making an "El Torito" bootable CD.  The  pathname  must  be
              relative  to  the source path specified to mkisofs. [...]

and use a relative path as required.

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