gtn bot ?

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Thu Oct 18 08:19:15 PDT 2007

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> Hi all,
> I missed one to. I have never seen this process befor, any ideas?
>  6313     1 Mon Oct 15 19:34:39 2007       0:02.71 [prox]

The problem with this approach is that the bad guys don't try to accomodate 
you by using common naming conventions.  Searching for gtn or prox or 
eggdrop will most likely be a fruitless exercise.

What you need to do is 1) identify what it is by locating it and all its 
associated files on the hard drive, 2) determing how to stop it so you can 
clean up and 3) figuring out how the box was broken into so you can prevent 
a reoccurrence.

If you need help with that, I would suggest taking it private.  It's best 
not to post these kinds of details in an open forum.  I'd be happy to help, 
and I'm sure there are others here, even more experienced than I am, who 
can help.

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