www.freebsd.org won't load in IE 7.x in vista box.

Gerard gerard at seibercom.net
Thu Oct 18 03:45:05 PDT 2007

On October 17, 2007 at 07:44PM David Benfell wrote:

[ ... ]

> But I believe Firefox is also one of the few pieces of software
> that can be installed on a Windows system without administrator
> privileges; you just install it in the user account space, and
> the Windows system will remember it with the rest of the "user
> account settings" and not trouble other users of that system
> with it.

Please define 'administrator privileges' and how it is used at your place of
employment. I know of several instances where simply using a piece of software
that was not pre-authorised by the proper personnel, usually the SA, will get
you fired. Most system administrators do not want their systems polluted with
software that they did not install or authorized for use. The reasons are
quite obvious


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