Why 7.0 is so late ?

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at freebsd.org
Thu Oct 18 01:25:41 PDT 2007

On 2007-10-17 18:20, Gueven Bay <gueven.bay at googlemail.com> wrote:
>2007/10/17, Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl>:
>>> while companies like Microsoft must publish in time to make the
>>> share holders
>> not to mention that microsoft regularly has delays like year.
>>> happy, FreeBSD can afford to wait until the programmers are
>>> convinced that their work is good enough for the public.
> Please,
> stop mentioning this company in every discussion that "seems" to
> "attack" *BSD in some way.

That's not a bad suggestion, in fact.  The development process of
Microsoft is not open to the world (like the one used by the FreeBSD
Project as a team), so there is no easy way to determine how similar
or different processes are behind the development and release process
of the two development teams.

Educated guesses can always be made, but let's try not to compare apples
to oranges too much :)

> Discussing M. - especially their development processes or business
> tactics - does not accomplish anything for us.

True, in a way.

> First acknowledge that FBSD 7 is late. The estimate was for 5 months
> ago. And if I say to someone I want to meet him at 8 o'clock but
> arrive 78 hours later, then I am late. Period.

The release of 7.0-RELEASE *is* late.  There are various reasons why
this has happened, but we are steadily getting there.  We now have a
RELENG_7 branch, and things are only "merged from current" after
explicit approval by the release-engineering team.  The branch is in the
hands of the RE team, and many issues which were plaguing "HEAD" during
the summer have been fixed now.

> So, but the original question was : What is not working _now_  at this
> moment so that 7 cannot be released _now_ ?
> The original question was not (I repeat NOT): Which  international
> conspiracy is holding up the developers of FreeBSD 7 from releasing?
> Without discussing M. or the Illuminati and U.F.O.s and with that
> guaranteeing that the original question will never be answered you can
> concentrate on answering OR you can take your "finger" from the reply
> button/menue point/whatever and wait that maybe a developer will read
> the original posters mail and answer it.
> With a curious eye waiting for a real answer to the original question...

Traditionally, "BSD" has released stuff "when it was ready" and not when
some marketting team decided that they wanted to release.  The FreeBSD
team has made genuine efforts towards changing this to a more timely
release schedule (18 months for a new "major" release), but there have
been some important bits of kernel and userland which were a bit
unstable and/or were in development until now.

Without treading on the feet of the release-engineering team, by writing
stuff which they have not approved, let me just say that we have made a
lot of positive progress towards a release since last June/July and we
expect getting a release during the last remaining months of 2007.

There's still a lot of work to do (i.e. ports to be compiled, tested,
fixed, or marked as "BROKEN" with the new gcc 4.X compiler suite), but
we're getting there.

- Giorgos

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