www.freebsd.org won't load in IE 7.x in vista box.

Bruce Cran bruce at cran.org.uk
Wed Oct 17 23:18:31 PDT 2007

Lisandro Grullon wrote:
> Hi Gerard,
> Thank you for your reply. I really do not understand were the problem is, I am tending to think it is a problem at the routing level now. I ask two of my co-workers to go home and test the website in their machines using vista, they did, and were able to access it in IE 7.x and Firefox; however, I still puzzle, why are the machines using windows XP downward able to load the site in IE or Firefox. I know that you or someone else mention something regarding IPV6 TCP window encapsulation at the routing level, yet I am testing vista at work (over 3000 nodes), this is one of the test I am performing before deploying it. It seems weir that www.freebsd.org is the only website experiencing the problem so far. 
> BTW, the FreeBSD servers in out LAN also cannot access www.freebsd.org;as a temporary solution, I have been able to access the handbook via www.uk.freebsd.org .  This is a really weird issue that is bothering me and I won't stop until it is solve, sooner or later our client side will be migrated to Windows Vista hence our users are not  computer literate to migrate to Unix or Linux at this point in time. I still looking for clues if anyone has found a solution to this, meanwhile I appreciate your effort Gerard and that of many others that have contribute to resolve this matter. 
> Lisandro Grullon

To check if it's an problem with IPv6, could you try accessing 
http://www.ipv6.org or http://www.kame.net ?   You could try running 
traceroute to check for routing problems to see where the problem is.

Bruce Cran

>> While his reply may not have been the most cordial that I have seen, it was
>> nevertheless quite on point. I have used Vista and IE7 to connect to FBSD
>> without incident. It therefore becomes evident that the problem is germane to
>> you rather than the whole FBSD group at large.
>> Did you actually read the link given to you in an earlier post? You might also
>> try contacting your ISP and see if there is a problem there. You could also
>> just use another browser that is more tolerant than IE7 appears to be in this
>> incident.
>> If you reply again, please lose the 'top posting' format. It makes following
>> your replies far more trouble than it is worth.
>> -- 
>> Gerard

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