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> > Those who have followed my openoffice to TeX conversion 
> know I am brand
> > new to TeX and want to know how to do the following conversions
> > (hopefully via some non-interactive process [eg. Make files]):
> >
> > TeX-->plain text
> > TeX-->HTML
> > TeX-->PDF
> > TeX-->PS
> I usually start by writing something like this in a Makefile:
>     DOC = foo
>     SRC = $(DOC).tex
>     PDF = $(DOC).pdf
>     PDFLATEX = pdflatex
>     all: $(PDF)
>     $(PDF): $(SRC)
>             $(PDFLATEX) $(SRC)
>             $(PDFLATEX) $(SRC)
> The two runs of $(PDFLATEX) are necessary to get cross-references
> correct in documents with internal cross-references.
> There are other tools, like texindex(1) which you may want to 
> throw into
> the mix.  The TeX toolchain is described in detail in the 
> documentation
> which is available online at CTAN (the Comprehensive TeX Archive
> Network).  It may be interesting for you to at least skim through the
> docs available at
> All the books available at the `info' directory are useful, 
> and many of
> them are excellent examples of what you can do by typesetting 
> with TeX.
> Some of my favorites are:
>   * ``Components of TeX''
>   * ``Essential information for writing LaTeX documents''
>   * ``Making TeX Work''

the latex-mk port handles a lot of these functions

I uses it for all my docs

make              # generates a DVI file and calls a viewer
make ps
make pdf
make html         # settable options re single page - multi page
make draft-pdf    # overprints DRAFT - use this if you are not using the

                  #  \usepackage{draftcopy} which gives you more
make print        # spools off to lp
make clean

And there are other available targets for the Make process.

It handles all the multiple passes etc over the LaTeX file(s)
and has a bunch of other capabilities to manage BibTeX stuff, image
Tgif, .jpg, .png ..... etc etc

One of my Makefiles

# base document name
NAME=  databasedesign

# bib file
BIBTEXSRCS=    suite.bib

# Tgif drawings are here
TGIFSRCS=      ./tgif

# and the magic is all in here
.include "/usr/local/share/latex-mk/"

# End Makefile

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