Install FreeBSD 6.2 and Windows XP prof in the same computer

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Wed Oct 17 08:14:06 PDT 2007

On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 11:49:57AM +0800, williamkow wrote:

> Please provide me more advices on installing multi operating system in a 
> computer. Which one to install first? use which boot loader ? tips and 
> guidelines, and things to causion. Thank you.

Have you read the FreeBSD Handbook?   It and some of the online 
documentation take you step by step through this.   Go to the FreeBSD
web site   (  click on documentation and
chose some of the items in the list, especially the handbook.

One specific item:   Install Winxxx first.  It does not play nicely 
with any other installation if you install it second.   At least in
the beginning, install and use the FreeBSD MBR (boot loader).   You
will be given three options in the FreeBSD install.   Choose that one.
It is a little plain and, if the other OS (Winxxx) is not one of the
few it has display codes for, will just put out '???'.  But, it will
still boot it just fine.

Later, if you feel you need a prettier selection menu while booting,
then you can install something like grub or gag or write your own.
But, the standard FreeBSD MBR works just fine.

So, do some reading.  Then do some experimenting.  Use it for a
while to get comfortable with it.   Then change some things if
you want and reinstall.


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