Libtool cannot find correct libraries

Jon Theil Nielsen JTheilNielsen at
Wed Oct 17 02:19:04 PDT 2007

System: FreeBSD 8.0 Current (!)
Made a classic UNIX mistake and entered rm -R * in the wrong directory.
Stopped it very quickly, but have been in troubles ever since. I have
made a rebuild of the system - both userland and kernel, but still
having the same problems.
The problem seems to be in libtool no longer being able to find the
correct version of the libraries (even after having rebuild libtool
itself without problems).
For example, when I need to install xorg-drivers from the ports, it ends
up with
libtool: link: unknown library version type 'freebsd-' (obviously
missing something after the hyphen).
When looking af the libtool configuration:
libtool --config:
# Library versioning type.
I don't know how to manually set the correct versioning type, and I dont
know from which configuration file it tries to determine the type.
Jon Theil Nielsen

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