Install FreeBSD 6.2 and Windows XP prof in the same computer

williamkow williamkow at
Tue Oct 16 23:07:20 PDT 2007

   Can anybody teach me on how to run Windows XP Professional on top of
   FreeBSD 6.2.
   I mean is, after FreeBSD is installed, KDE is running, and the Windows
   XP prof is running on another separate pop-up windows within KDE.
   David Christensen wrote:

williamkow wrote:

Please provide me more advices on installing multi operating system
in a computer.

Don't.  Get the VMware free player or server and download the virtual machines.
Or, get two hard drives, put them into mobile docks, and do a power down/ swap/
power up cycle when you want to switch.  Or, get your hands on a 5+ year old
machine, get a KVM switch, and put BSD on that.



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