Ipod software

Reid Linnemann lreid at cs.okstate.edu
Tue Oct 16 06:36:06 PDT 2007

Written by Rem P Roberti on 10/14/07 19:05>>
> Thanks for the suggestions.  I am trying out gtkpod now, and it seems to
> work fine, although I wish that there was a non/gui type program.  
> BTW, is it possible to convert mp3 files that were purchased originally
> from the Apple store via iTunes so that they could be used on non/iTunes
> players?
> Rem
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Not on FreeBSD. But you can go grab QTFairUse from somewhere on the net
and, using it in conjunction with iTunes on a Windows machine, remove
the DRM. From what I can tell, all it really does is control the iTunes
player and make it output the audio stream to another file instead of
decoding it to the sound system.

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