php4 to php5 upgrade

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Mon Oct 15 10:52:22 PDT 2007

zbigniew szalbot wrote:
> Grant Peel pisze:
>> Hi Kevin,
>> Yes, I have done many web searches. The only thing that came up that 
>> was near what I needed was:
>> However, since I can completely remove php4, then install php5, the 
>> method they talk about there seems a bit tedious.
>> Thanks for the reply, I thought deinstall and install should do the 
>> trick.... will let you know how I make out.
> One thing I came accross, if after installation you get httpd core 
> dumps, try commenting out extensions in extensions.ini. Then switch them 
> back one after another to determine which one causes the dump. Then your 
> option is to change the order of extensions. This is just in case but it 
> was my problem and I couldn't quickly restore web functionality after 
> restarting httpd and seeing the crushes.

Right, if it happens.  If you deinstall the extensions and remove
the config files from the old installation, and let the new installation
do all its work of new config files and new extensions, I wouldn't
expect any httpd core dumps, though.

It's happened to me many times, but it was always due to "leftovers"
from a minor version increase via portupgrade, or the fact that I
had switched Apache from no-SSL to an SSL type, and the extensions
were compiled against the libraries for the former.

The other "gotcha" in relation to FBSD is the location of the extension
dir, and "doubling" of entries in extensions.ini, but I'm thinking a 
new installation would fix that problem.

As far as PHP goes, getting rid of "short tags" in the PHP code was
all we had trouble with when migrating 4.x->5.x, other than getting
my head around new OOP paradigms....

Kevin Kinsey
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