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> Hi,
> This is probably going to basic stuff, sorry to bother.
> I can not get Audio Cds to play. I'm using KDE.

Let me add a few comments after Pietro Cerutti's.

With the cdcontrol you will determine if your hardware is able to play
audio CDs. On (some?) PCs you have to connect the CD-ROM drive to your
sound card, I cannot count the number of times I forgetted to
reconnect this cable after an in-chassis intervention.

If you can play CDs with cdcontrol, it is likely that your preffered
CD-player cannot figure where to find the CD-rom device. It is fairly
common that CD-player applications expect to find a symbolic link
/dev/cdrom pointing to the actual CD-ROM controlling device. If there
is no such link on your system, it can easily be added. However, it is
not sufficient to

  # cd /dev; ln -s acd0 cdrom

because /dev is not a persistant filesystem (it is reinitialised across
reboots, because it is a *virtual* filesystem). To add the symbolic
link, you should edit the /etc/devfs.conf file (look at the line with
the word `cdrom' in it) and let the system notice your changes:

  # vi /etc/devfs.conf
  # /etc/rc.d/devfs restart

(If you are not comfortable with vi, try the easy editor `ee' instead:

  # ee /etc/devfs.conf


You might prefer trying to tell your preferred CD-player where it can
find the CD-ROM device, this can often be done with an `Edit
Preferences' dialog.
Hope this helps,

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