Listening ports - vpn, proxy + p2p.

Aminuddin amin.scg at
Mon Oct 15 04:25:00 PDT 2007

I'm running a large scale OpenVPN + proxy services on 6.2, mostly users are
those using P2P clients such as emule and bittorrent protocols.

Connections are made as follows:

Users > Openvpn(rl0) > Socks5 (tun0) > Internet (rl0)

Most of them have no problem in downloading or uploading but none of them
are able to get high ID for emule and connectable status in the bittorrent

All servers are configured with Firewall_enable="NO" and when I run netstat
it will shows so many ports are connected BUT nmap says none of the ports
are open.

How do I get FreeBSD open and listen to those connections so that P2P
clients can broadcast and listen using the proxy? With firewall off, all
ports should be open but still p2p clients keep saying ports firewalled.


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