How to set up a network-attached printer

Martin Alejandro Paredes Sanchez mapsware at
Sun Oct 14 20:16:30 PDT 2007

El Dom 14 Oct 2007, Warren Block escribió:
> Create print queue dir:
>      mkdir -p /var/spool/lpd/netlaser
>      chmod 770 /var/spool/lpd/netlaser

       chown daemon:daemon /var/spool/lpd/netlaser

> Make /etc/printcap entry with rm= and rp= :
>      netlaser:\
>              :lp=:\
>              :sh:\
>              :mx#0:\
>              :rm=netlaser:\
>              :rp=raw:\
>              :sd=/var/spool/lpd/netlaser:\
>              :lf=/var/log/lpd-errs:


since you are not specifying a filter for this printer, the lf capability may 
not be necessary, but since LPD will launch a process to send the print job 
to the networked printer, and this process will have:

stdin ---> to the print job
stdout --> (I really don't know)
stderr --> to the log file (lf capability)

I recommend that you had a log for each printer defined, and 
leave /var/log/lpd-errs for LPD errors

> For extra points, add another printcap entry for lp: that will print
> plain text.  /usr/ports/print/enscript* is nice for that, or lots of
> people use /usr/ports/print/apsfilter so they can send about anything to
> the printer and let it do the conversion.

I recommend apsfilter, but don't only read the documentation, also read the 
code of the filter.


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