Mouse diagnostics tools?

icantthinkofone icantthinkofone at
Sun Oct 14 19:39:43 PDT 2007

Jim Stapleton wrote:
> I just got a microsoft wireless optical desktop 3000 (Microsoft
> Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0), and am running in FreeBSD 6.2/Xorg 7.2
> I have tried the mouse on a Windows machine and it works fine. The
> keyboard works well on Windows and FreeBSD. The mouse, however,
> doesn't seem to be recognized. I do not see a mouse cursor on a
> console, and the mouse in X doesn't react to motion, scrolling, left
> or right clicking.
> Anyone
> (A)  know how to get one of these working in FreeBSD?
> and/or
> (B) know a tool to help diagnose this issue?
> Web searches show that the mouse can work in LInux, but you need to
> work with xmodmap to get the left click functional. There are no hits
> for FreeBSD.
> I've tested with an old mouse (wired) and it works fine, however in
> this situation, a wired mouse  is not a solution.
> Thank you,
> -Jim Stapleton
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Don't know of any diagnostics but we would need to see your xorg.conf 
and rc.conf to help make this work.

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