BitTorrent configuration in FreeBSD-6.2 -for Large file downloads &uploads

CyberLeo Kitsana cyberleo at
Sun Oct 14 18:43:03 PDT 2007

andrew clarke wrote:
> I had a quick look at Torrent Trader Lite after your suggestion, and
> while it doesn't appear to depend on MySQL, it's still far from
> lightweight!  It really requires you to build the web site around the
> tracker rather than adding a small tracker to a pre-existing site.

For theming and integration, I suppose. I just wanted something I could
use to share a few torrents with friends, though, so I just untarred it
into a subdirectory, set permissions, and let it do it's thing.

> I also had to do a lot of work to get it working under PHP5.  I fixed
> some things by replacing "<?" with "<?php" but there were still some
> problems with rendering of pages.  I don't know if the tracker part of
> it actually worked.

I suppose it is possible I did some patchwork to get it running, but it
was about half a year ago already, so I can't remember. Thanks for the
information, though.

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