Recent branching of CURRENT

Mel fbsd.questions at
Sat Oct 13 07:20:52 PDT 2007

On Saturday 13 October 2007 02:22:31 Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
> Mel wrote:
> > On Saturday 13 October 2007 01:15:45 Kris Kennaway wrote:
> >> Mel wrote:
> >>> On Friday 12 October 2007 23:15:32 Kris Kennaway wrote:
> >>>> Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
> >>>>> Hi,
> >>>>> Just out of curiosity, why did I fail to notice the branching of
> >>>>> RELENG_7 and 8-CURRENT? I'm subscribed to -stable, -current and
> >>>>> -announce.
> >>>>
> >>>> Because it's an administrative change that is just a normal part of
> >>>> the release engineering process.  i.e. 7.0 is not released etc.
> >>>
> >>> And RELENG_7 is not considered the 'stable' branch yet, but 8-CURRENT
> >>> is just forked for development of entirely new features? I.o.w. do we 2
> >>> current or 2 stable branches now?
> >>
> >> Those are just names, don't worry too much about it.  RELENG_7 will be
> >> the start of a new -STABLE branch once it is released.
> >
> > That is actually what I'm worried about. It means drivers are less likely
> > to be MFC'd to RELENG_6 from 7.0-RELEASE onwards - I was hoping that
> > wouldn't happen till 7.1.
> It's called progress. This is normal. If you need a driver that is
> happening in 7- only, then upgrade to 7. RELENG_6 will turn into a
> "supported fix branch" or whatever the name is and RELENG_7 is where the
> action takes place, just like it has been going on for quite some time
> (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Well, 6.0-RELEASE was still on -current. I consider that a good thing, because 
many people won't go near a new release till it's got at least one -RELEASE 
and that's when the nasty bugs come out to play ;).

Also, as of this writing, x11/nvidia-driver is *still* on compat5x, so those 
new video interfaces nvidia wanted can't have been tested enough in the real 
world. It would be nice to have that driver in the ports so people (like me) 
can test those :).


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