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Sat Oct 13 06:04:48 PDT 2007

Mel wrote:

>On Saturday 13 October 2007 00:17:32 Ovi wrote:
>>Hello guys
>>I have this example from OpenBSD:
>>altq on $br1_if cbq bandwidth 20Mb qlimit 100 tbrsize 1000 queue { std1,
>>customer_1 } queue customer_1 bandwidth 1Mb cbq(red,ecn) { customer_1_bulk,
>>customer_1_ack } queue customer_1_ack priority 7
>>queue customer_1_bulk priority 0
>>I want to use CBQ on FreeBSD, with similar rules still I have the
>>following problem:
>>On a 20Mb internet line I have 100 users. I want to limit (cap)
>>bandwidth per user at 1 Mb and to add queues for all 100 users.
>>The problem is that on FreeBSD this rules are not working, instead I
>>must use this:
>>altq on $br1_if cbq bandwidth 20Mb qlimit 100 tbrsize 1000 queue { std1,
>>customer_1 } queue customer_1 bandwidth 1Mb cbq(red,ecn) { customer_1_bulk,
>>customer_1_ack } queue customer_1_ack bandwidth 800Kb priority 7
>>queue customer_1_bulk bandwidth 128Kb priority 0
>>This "bandwidth" option does not help me because I must not exceed 1 Mb.
>This can't be done with cbq, because in cbq the sum of child queues must match 
>the interface bandwidth or less. Use hfsc for this.
>Also, you reserve 80% for ack and 20% for bulk, you might wanna reverse that.
>>So my question is: how I do bandwidthupper limit with CBQ per user, like
>>no more than 1 Mb, and add rules for 100 users?
>See above.
>A good resource on HFSC:
>It would look something like this:
># Use interface bandwidth, so your interface doesn't get limited
>altq on $br1_if bandwidth 100Mb hfsc(upperlimit 100Mb) queue { \
># Any traffic not assigned to a customer comes on the NO_CUSTOMER queue.
># Backlogged traffic consumes a maximum of 80Mbit
># There's always 55Mbit available.
># Realtime values may not exceed 75% of root queue
>queue NO_CUSTOMER bandwidth 80Mb hfsc(realtime 55Mb default)
># Create a customers root queue, setting hard limits for any customers
># It ensures the entire internet connection is available at all times
># and also limits it to that ammount
>queue CUSTOMERS bandwidth 20Mb hfsc(realtime 20Mb upperlimit 20Mb) { \
>	customer_1, \
>	customer_2, \
>	..., \
># Assign 1% per customer (100 customers) for backlogged traffic.
># No realtime guarantees, let hfsc figure out how to spend the 20Mbit
># from the CUSTOMERS parent queue.
># No customer gets more then 1Mbit even if he's alone surfing the net.
>queue customer_1 bandwidth 1% hfsc(linkshare 1% upperlimit 1Mb) \
>	{ customer_1_bulk, customer_1_ack }
># default priority is 1
>queue customer_1_bulk bandwidth 80% hfsc
>queue customer_1_ack bandwidth 20% priority 2 hfsc
Thank you for your answer!

Well, I've simplified the example. My real situation is that I have 2500 
users, sharing 100 Mb fiber optic line..
For 2500 users 1% will be too much. Can I use 0.25% ?

Also regarding HFSC, I know is an linear algorytm, which means many does 
not scale well for lots of users. I know is hardcoded at 64, I've 
modified and used with success for up to 500 queues. For more queues it 
is working very slow, even with Xeon CPUs. So for 2500 users I would 
probably need 4-5 separate machines.

I've used rules similar to your HFSC example, and I had to switch to 
ipfw + dummynet because of poor performance (on one machine) of HFSC 
with so many queues. (using ipfw+dummynet, multiple pass, to a limiting 
pipe then to queues to share load is working ok for browsing but I have 
2 issues: first the traffic is not stable, it variates to much, second 
the traffic does not reach 100 Mbps which is my bandwidth (if i disable 
the firewall,when trafic goes to 100 Mbps). I have to mention that CPU 
is 95% idle.

So my question is, what would be a choice to shape bandwidth with 
FreeBSD for like 2000 users, with bandwidth limiting, and sharing using 
clases. On linux it works for 1000-2000 users using HTB, (tc, traffic 
control) and scales well, but I want to use FreeBSD, there must be a way 
to get similar performance on FreeBSD too.

Thank you again, and
Best Regards,

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