OT: Procmail not recognising /etc/procmailrc?

Lisa Casey lisa at jellico.com
Fri Oct 12 12:26:50 PDT 2007


This is kind of off topic for this list, but I know a lot of FreeBSD Admins use Procmail, so hopefully someone here can help.

I'm running procmail 3.22 on FreeBSD. I verified that procmail does work on my system by following the "testing your procmail installation" in the ii Procmail Quick Start. Procmail worked flawlessly in processing a .procmailrc file in my home directory. Problem is, I can't seem to get it to do what is in my /etc/procmailrc file. Either procmail doesn't recognise the /etc/procmailrc file, or my syntax in that file is wrong.

I'm using spamassassin, and I want to send email that gets a very high spam score to /dev/null.  In the headers of these high scoring emails, there's a line like this:

X-Spam-Score: 25.762 (*************************)

My /etc/procmail.rc file looks like this:

mail# more /etc/procmailrc
# Directory for storing procmail configuration and log files
# You can name this environment variable anything you like
# (for example PROCMAILDIR) or, if you prefer, don't set it
# (but then don't refer to it!)
# PMDIR=/etc/Procmail

# LOGFILE should be specified ASAP so everything below it is logged
# Put ## before LOGFILE if you want no logging (not recommended)

# To insert a blank line between each message's log entry, 
# uncomment next two lines (this is helpful for debugging)

# Set to yes when debugging; VERBOSE default is no

# Replace $HOME/Msgs with your mailbox directory
# Mutt and elm use $HOME/Mail
# Pine uses $HOME/mail
# Netscape Messenger uses $HOME/nsmail
# Some NNTP clients, such as slrn & nn, use $HOME/News
# Mailboxes in maildir format are often put in $HOME/Maildir
# IMPORTANT: Upon reading an instruction that contains MAILDIR=,
#            Procmail does a chdir to $MAILDIR and
#            relative paths are relative to $MAILDIR
# MAILDIR=$HOME/mail       # Make sure this directory exists!
#### End Variables section; Begin Processing section ####  

* ^X-Spam-Score: [2-9][0-9] 
* ^spam,[2-9][0-9]
# INCLUDERC=$PMDIR/rc.testing
# INCLUDERC=/etc/rc.testing

When I receive an email with a spam score above 20, it is delivered, not sent to /dev/null. Also, procmail is not logging at all, even though with this procmailrc it ought to be logging verbosely in /var/log/pmlog

By the way, the permissions and ownership of /etc/procmailrc is    -rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel
and of /var/log/pmlog:   -rw-rw-rw-   1 root  wheel

How can I figure out why this isn't working?

Lisa Casey

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