I performed an rm -r on /var/lib/pkg

James jamesh at lanl.gov
Fri Oct 12 09:57:28 PDT 2007

This isn't quite as simple as I'd hoped it'd be to fix. Here's my
findings thus far (I haven't started writing my script yet, but I will
later today):

1. /usr/ports/distfiles contains everything I need
2. distfiles contains several versions of some packages, but that's
pretty trivial to resolve.
3. distfiles contains some packages whose source tarballs are named
*differently* to the packages themselves, such as unrar.

It's number 3 that's getting me.  It looks like the simplest thing might
be an if statement:

if (make search name=$PACKAGE)
    grep -r $PACKAGE /usr/ports

But before I go that far, I wanted to see if anyone had an alternate
idea for what might work.


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