Howto: Prepare USB key with FreeDOS using FreeBSD

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Fri Oct 12 09:34:56 PDT 2007


Well, I have a bunch of TYAN S2925B based boxes, all without floppy 
drives. For BIOS flash preparation I need an installation media and due 
to the fact I do not have a Windows XP box or FreeDOS box I need my 
laptop for creation of a bootable USB key media with the appropriate 
BIOS flash images and flashing tools.
It seems to be a desaster. Every Wiki I visited looking for the subject 
referes to Gentoo/FreeDOS or highly complicated voodoo sessions 
installing first some files on floppy drive and the creating a bootable 
USB key ... blabla.
Sorry, but I do not have FreeDOS running nor do I have Linux/Gentoo or 
Windows XP, I run FreeBSD on all of my machines. But in the age of 
legacy free computers, were floppy drives seems to be not essential 
anymore I run into massif problems having a legacy free server from TYAN 
without the ability taking any BIOS images from an USB key :-( The 
problem is I picked up some memory issues which have been solved with 
one of the newer BIOS images so I desperately need an update solution.

Does anyone do have an idea?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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