1 TB data copy

James jamesh at lanl.gov
Fri Oct 12 07:46:56 PDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-10-12 at 08:23 -0400, Monah Baki wrote:

> Hi all,
> We have a windows 2003 server and 1 freebsd 6.2 server. The 2003 server
> supports USB 1 while the freebsd supports usb 2.
> We went and purchased an external 1 TB usb 2 harddrive.
> Our objective is to copy 700GB worth of data from the windows to the freebsd
> server then take the external harddive to a remote client who runs windows
> 2003 and then copy the data back to the windows server.

What's the connection between your windows 2003 server and your freebsd
server? Is the data 1 single file, or is it numerous small files?

I'm understanding that the reason you want to involve FreeBSD at all is
that it has faster write to the USB hard drive, yeah?

If you have any kind of network access between the two machines, and
it's small files, use rsync to copy data from windows to the FreeBSD box
(which will probably involve installing cygwin on the windows box -
relatively painless) .

If that's not an option, consider physically removing the hard drive
from the windows 2003 box, carrying it over to the FreeBSD box and
mounting the drive and then just copy the data onto the hard drive using
FAT as the destination file system, assuming it's not one large file. If
it *is* one large file, you could use the programs other folks have
recommended for NTFS read/write under FreeBSD.

Another option would be to spend $20 on a usb 2 PCI card -

Should also be available from your local electronics retailer. Install
that in the windows box and use the now native USB 2.0 connection to
dump the data.


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