genuine bulk email

Robin Becker robin at
Fri Oct 12 05:34:01 PDT 2007

We have a project to make a graphical tool which allows salespersons to send an 
email with an attached PDF document. We are in testing and although the tool 
seems to work we have the problem of not looking like spam/phish etc etc. I have 
tried numerous tricks to avoid being classified as spam, but so far nothing 
seems to work.

At present I have reduced the email to a textual format with an embedded textual 
link. So the email looks like

> Your XXXX Document,
> Thank you for your inquiry. below is a link to the brochures as requested, in Adobe Acrobat format.
> It includes the YYY Airport Hotel and other information which may be useful. We thank you for your query.
> Your XXXX Document may be found here
> http://host/path/aaaaaa-hrcc-20071012113659-20zi0rfoknv6gdi1w4bls0psd0.pdf
> XXXX Sales Team

It could be personalised a bit more, but is there anything at a system level 
that can be done to make emails less likely to be classified as spam? I assume 
that spammers try very hard and fail, so is this kind of email application 
effectively dead in the water before it starts?
Robin Becker

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