what kind of UPS will work best?

Olivier Nicole on at cs.ait.ac.th
Fri Oct 12 02:21:21 PDT 2007


> 	the *why*.  Is there a best type to save me from this?  Do any of
> 	these power supplies come with scripts to shutdown a Unix {or
> 	Linux} computer?  Is there a UPS that is designed for heavy use 
> 	and a very short (5- to 10-second) uptime?  I'll need one that can
> 	interface thru the COM ports or the UBS port, if that is how
> 	these devices work. 

Sorry if I jump in the thread. When it comes to detecting a power
outage and shutingdown nicely your server, a cheap/easy way is for the
server (on the UPS) to check through the network for a low grade PC
(not on the UPS). If the low grade PC is down, it means the power is
off and the server should consider a shutdown.

Dirty trick, but it works.

Best regards,


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