Ports vs Pkgsrc

Gueven Bay gueven.bay at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 11 22:08:34 PDT 2007

2007/10/12, Mak Kolybabi <mak at mogigoma.com>:
> Would anyone be able to either offer a link, or explain the differences between
> NetBSD/DragonflyBSD's pkgsrc and FreeBSD/OpenBSD's ports systems? Google
> searches such as 'pkgsrc vs ports' have yielded nothing satisfying.
> --
> Matthew Anthony Kolybabi (Mak)
> <mak at mogigoma.com>

The only diff for me is: pkgsrc is workable on other than BSD systems.
For example you can use it on Solaris or Linux - I say that it(the
portability) is typical for a third party software package system from
the NetBSD project - . So far I know is the ports tree not (at least
not without pain) usable on other systems. And so far I read is pkgsrc
a derivative of ports - but this can be very well bull -.

The technical differences (configure files, standard dirs etc. etc.)
you have look up part for part in the docs.

I hope I could help you.


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