BitTorrent configuration in FreeBSD-6.2 -for Large file downloads &uploads

dhaneshk k dhaneshkk at
Thu Oct 11 21:32:05 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I had a freebsd 6.2server ,  I want this m/c to be serve  iso images , so users of my webportal  have the  the facility to download iso images , each iso about 650
MB size , 

I heard about Bittorrent so I installed this through FreeBSd ports
tree , the installation is complete .( I can see the commands
bittoreent-curses, bittorrent-console, bittorrent-tracker etc .. by
typing them in shell)

I dont know where to put these  iso images (these images stored in this
servers one of the normal users eg :   /home /myname /1.iso, 2.iso,3.iso etc ..) so bittorent can serve these files .

 I want  the users of
my webportal can down load these images (by clicking a link in the
website that I hosted in this server machine ) I have apache2.2
installed  and a plone /zope installation for my webportal  and all  working in this box 

But how I can use Bittorrent to serve these big files to the remote
users of my website (so that I can save a lot of bandwidth of  my network connection )  

The Bittorent is installed in this box was(  py24-BitTorrent-4.20.2_1,1 )  . I have the ISO images , but how can I put these ISO's to be served via  Bittorrent & how others can accesss these iso's from my webserver through bittorrent 

pls provide your tips to do this 

Thanks in advance 


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