I performed an rm -r on /var/lib/pkg

James jamesh at lanl.gov
Thu Oct 11 14:07:09 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-10-11 at 15:53 -0500, Kevin Kinsey wrote:

> James wrote:
> > Call it a moment of sheer stupidity, call it a misremembering, call it
> > whatever you want (and I imagine I'll hear a few different ones), but I
> > just did an rm -r /var/lib/pkg.
> > 
> > Before I type anything to damage things further, does anyone have any
> > suggestions as to how to recover from this? I have other FreeBSD boxes
> > available to me, none with the same pkg list, though. I'll be reading
> > man pkgdb in the meantime..
> I'm guessing you might be Real Tired(tm).  Do you mean
> /var/db/pkg?
> $ ll /var/lib/pkg
> ls: /var/lib/pkg: No such file or directory
> Kevin Kinsey

Yes, you're right. On all counts, I'm afraid. 

But, yes, ultimately. And the more I'm reading man pages, the more I'm
thinking that the only solution here will be to reinstall everything. I
was wondering if portmaster or something similar might be able to solve
this, but it looks like /var/db/pkg is what *everything* refers to.

I'm feeling like the least competent user in the world right now. Though
it *does* teach me a valuable lesson about backing up.


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