NFS export question && diskless dirs

mr. phreak nollan at
Thu Oct 11 12:23:01 PDT 2007

hi. I have a question regarding NFS-exports.

/diskless/ro    -ro -maproot=root leia
/diskless/kernels leia
/diskless/rw   leia
/usr    -ro -alldirs leia
/home   -alldirs leia
/etc    -ro -alldirs -maproot=root leia

but mountd only recognize /diskless/ro - /usr - /home/ and /etc 
(showmount -e). How can I export

/diskless/ro -ro && /diskless/kernels with rw && /diskless/rw with rw 
tothe same host???

Also, I have another question. Is it possible to run a diskless system 
with /var and /tmp mounted
on a NFS-mount instead of using memory-disks? If possible, I'd gladly 
appreciate some tips or

Best regards,

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