Different DNS responses depending on query source

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at goldmark.org
Thu Oct 11 08:55:25 PDT 2007

The host that runs my internal DNS server is down for the count (I've  
already replaced the power supply on it once, and I don't feel like  
doing it again).  Although I had other uses planned for that machine,  
the only useful thing it was doing was DNS for a local net and DHCP,  
the latter I've moved to my firewall box (running m0n0wall).

So, until I build a replacement machine, I'd like to run the DNS  
service on 6.2-RELENG machine on my DMZ.  However I have a conflict  
between providing IPs for the outside world to see, eg


versus what I want when querying from the local network, eg,


Also there are some internal names (eg, fluffy.ewd.goldmark.org)  
which shouldn't be advertised to the outside world at all.

The obvious answer would be to run two instances of bind, listening  
on different IPs (possibly using jails).  But I don't have an IP  
address to spare on the DMZ.  So is there a way to have bind  
listening on the only interface and IP address the host can have give  
different answers depending on where the query comes from?



Jeffrey Goldberg                        http://www.goldmark.org/jeff/

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