How to create a user account with the same permission as "root" ?

Mel fbsd.questions at
Thu Oct 11 04:47:51 PDT 2007

On Thursday 11 October 2007 13:17:59 williamkow wrote:
> Finally, I manage to setup and then KDE 3.5.4 running on FreeBSD
> 6.2-Release.
> I created a user account named "william" and do not assign any group as
> I do not know what are the list of group name for me to select. To start
> KDE, i use command "kdm" but I can only logon using the newly created
> user name "william",

No. Kdm only shows users for which $HOME/.kde exists in it's log on dialog. 
You *can* log on using 'root' if you simply type root as user name, rather 
then selecting it from the left pane of the log on dialog. It will then 
create a new .kde config for root.

> but it do not have same permission/access rights as 
> "root" account.

Real question is, do you need to? In the cases where you need to log on as 
root, use the root account, by all means do not create another user with user 
id 0.

Normal operations should be done under normal user id, system administration 
with root. With KDE you can combine the two by using the 'root konsole' from 
your normal user if you need to do some administration - also there's various 
applications in the system menu from KDE that make you log on as root before 
it's started, for example KUser - User manager.


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