shooting oneself in the foot with "ldconfig -v"

perryh at perryh at
Thu Oct 11 00:24:35 PDT 2007

> > The previously configured directory list was fully populated, so
> > effectively there should have been no change as the previously
> > configured directories were untouched and I specified no
> > additional pathnames.
> > ...
> > Are you saying that by specifying "-v" I no longer satisfied the
> > "no parameters are given" clause and ended up in a default place
> > in the logic?
> That wasn't actually what I was saying, but after checking the
> source code it turns out you are right and that is exactly what
> happens.
> > ... IMHO a verbose switch shouldn't change behavior; it should
> > just spam the console a lot.
> True.

Current behavior sounds like, at best, a LOLA violation.  Perhaps the
OP would consider submitting a PR.

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