TPM could not be initialized - bge0 has disappeared ... WTF ?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Wed Oct 10 14:43:18 PDT 2007

On Oct 10, 2007, at 1:47 PM, Gore Jarold wrote:
> I own a Dell Latitude X1.
[ ... ]
> However, suddenly, when I boot the system, I get a message:
> WARNING: The TPM could not be initialized
> I didn't know what TPM was, I didn't care, and I just
> booted up.  Not my problem.
> Except suddenly I have no network card (!)  bge0 is
> just invisible - it is no longer in my system.  As far
> as FreeBSD is concerned, it is gone.
> So what is going on ?

According to Dell's tech support forums, this TPM module is designed  
to disable parts of your computer such as the NIC if it doesn't find  
the right keys or whatever it is supposed to contain.  Trying to  
reinstall the TPM drivers under Windows isn't enough to reset the TPM  
module to a sane state, reportedly.

In other words, if it screws up, your machine becomes hosed.  Welcome  
to trusted computing.

[ ... ]
> So the bottom line is:  why did this suddenly show up,
> and how do I get rid of it ?  I just need my bge0 back...

Supposedly you need to RMA your laptop.  Or, better yet, replace it  
with something else that doesn't contain defective hardware which  
locks the owner out of their own machine....


PS: Are you a Marine, by any chance?  :-)

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