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On Fri, Oct 05, 2007 at 05:29:39PM +0500, Narek Gharibyan wrote:
> Hi,

Please don't top-post.
> I as know default version (without port upgrading) is Bind 9.3.3 in Freebsd
> 6.2. You can see the version, executing named -v command. Do a 
> ps -ax | grep named 
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> Hi friends ,
> I have a FreeBSD fresh installation in a new  server machine.
>    Here I wants to run my DNS server , by default I found the   in
> /etc/namedb  dir    , named.conf  file & master  dir etc in the m/c after
> OS installation  , so I configured my DNS entries    (I mean named.conf and
> zone file  for my domain I configured ) , and after that I tried to start
> /etc/rc.d/named start 
> but no message that it is starting or not .

I think that you made a small mistake. If you want to start a daemon,
you have to enable it in /etc/rc.conf, otherwise it won't start (every
rc script sources /etc/rc.conf with the line 'load_rc_config').

Try adding 


to /etc/rc.conf, and try again. If you look in /etc/defaults/rc.conf,
and search for 'named', you can see that it is disabled by default. You
can also see there the rest of the options you can set for named.

Hope this helps,

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