what kind of UPS will work best?

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On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 11:36 +0800, Erich Dollansky wrote:
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> > On Monday 08 October 2007 8:36:39 pm Erich Dollansky wrote:
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> >>> think.  Most the draw in a residence is the HVAC.
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> > Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
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> move the machine around to be used for heating during winter.
> Compared to that PCs are a minor consumer.
> Erich

Just my 2 cents. As others have said, go with APC. I just recently
hooked up a 2200XL rack mounted unit which is running 6 servers. A
recent calibration test showed that the unit will run these servers for
about 3 hours before it's absolutely necessary to shut down the power.
Another nice thing about the APC's is that you can find SNMP/Web modules
for some of their units which will generate SNMP traps when events occur
with the power.  

I'm using apcupsd from the ports collection to control the servers in
the event of a long term power outage. It has a configurable
master/slave mode. You connect the master to the UPS and then slave from
the master to other servers. My UPS and server are older so the
connection between them is serial. You may get different results with
newer hardware that is USB or if you choose to go the SNMP route. 

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