Installing freeBSD on an Intel RAID5 partition

nodje at
Wed Oct 10 01:00:33 PDT 2007

I couldn't find any answer to the question.The problem is that the installer
shows up all the disks instead of proposing to install somewhere on the
RAID5 partition, in other words, it just doesn't recognize the RAID5.
Is it possible at all to install freeBSD on one of those RAID??

I've found out that this is also a problem with the few linux distros I've
tried. I've heard it was possible now but I'm a little bit surprised by the
slow adoption I must say.

I've been using those Intel RAID with Windows for a couple of years now and
it really helped solve my backup problem.
I think this is simply great, no worries of data loss anymore (at least
coming from hardware failure).


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