Broadcasting to Jail in 6.2

Sergey Sysoev lists at
Tue Oct 9 19:26:23 PDT 2007


I've  just  installed isc-dhcp3-server 3.0.5 from FreeBSD 6.2 ports in
jail  using  Sockets  on  Alias  IP  address  and  it seems broadcasts  can't  reach  inside  jail. All unicast requests goes
fine, but no broadcasts on jail network interface.

In  case I move bpf inside jail using devfs, dhcpd is working fine -
fine with bpf only but not sockets.

After some search in google I see some posts with same jail/dhcpd

Maybe  anyone  know,  is this Jail limitation/part-of-design or just a
bug?  To  my  mind it is not so good idea to put BPF inside, but it is
only way to go for now.


Sergey Sysoev

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