wyswyg editors for tex (was re: replacement for openoffice)

Frank Jahnke jahnke at sonatabio.com
Tue Oct 9 18:00:29 PDT 2007

> And another thing, how do you choose whether to use TeX or troff?  
> What's the diff?

They are different programs that do the same thing.  A good comparison
might be comparing different compilers, like C and Fortran.  Not that
one is more like C than the other, just that they have a different
language to accomplish similar goals.

If you know neither and want to learn one well, choose TeX.  That is
what is used more commonly.  There's nothing wrong with troff, and the
support is still quite good, but all the major journals, for example,
accept TeX code but not troff.  It is still a good idea to know enough
troff to do man pages, though.

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