Question about rc-scripts

sdafreebsduk at sdafreebsduk at
Tue Oct 9 17:16:34 PDT 2007

Hi Philip,

> Most binaries i.e. httpd, memcached, mysqld, etc... provide a config 
> file or cli option to provide the path to a pid file.

Like you say - I can't find anything in rc.subr that would create a pid. 
  So, I looked in /etc/rc.d/ntpd (for example), and I still can't find 
in there where it might create a pid.

> Your particular problem is that run_rc_command actually exits so that 
> the script exits with the correct return code generally that of what 
> the application in question returns from trying to start or stop.
> Inless you have a reason, If you're running a daemon, you shouldn't need 
> to background the command.

It /is/ a daemon

> Also, rather then an echo try adding -x to the shebang line.

Yeah, I did that whilst I was re-arranging it.  I think my problem is, I 
don't understand properly what creates the pids for the standard scripts 
(like nptd), so I can't look at it to see how it's done.

Many thanks,

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