freezing, hard locking, and debug.mpsafenet=0

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Tue Oct 9 09:47:37 PDT 2007

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Elvar wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm sharing my experiences with this in the hopes that it saves 
> someone else many many hours of troubleshooting and headaches. A 
> client of mine has a Dell Poweredge tower server with FreeBSD 6-stable 
> on it which was acting as their firewall. At some point in time about 
> 6 months ago the box started locking up every day or couple of days. I 
> imagine this was probably after a buildworld / installworld but I 
> can't remember. It would hard lock with nothing logged or any sign of 
> anything, and no response from the keyboard. In my experiences this 
> usually resulted in bad memory but after swapping out the memory for 
> new memory the issue still persisted. As time went on I eventually 
> pulled the hard drives out of the server and put them into another 
> server with completely different hardware (minus the transfered hard 
> drives). After bringing the install up on the other server I still had 
> the hard locks. I googled like mad and tried all sorts of things to 
> narrow down the problem but kept coming up with nothing. Now, I admit 
> I'm not an elite user so I'm sure lots of you could probably have 
> figured it out quicker. Eventually I put new hard drives into the 
> original firewall (the Dell Poweredge) and did a clean install of 
> FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE. Unfortunately after bringing the box online as 
> the firewall again it continued locking up. I then updated to -STABLE 
> and still experienced the issue. Finally, after even more countless 
> hours of googling I found this thread 
> <>  
> which seemed to describe the same freezing I was having. One person 
> mentioned setting debug.mpsafenet=0 in /boot/loader.conf and not 
> having a problem since doing so. Well, I ended up doing the same thing 
> and it's been about 25 days with not one freeze / lockup.
> It's my understanding that the ability to even disable this has been 
> taken out of 7.x, I only can hope that it's not an issue in 7.x like 
> it is on some systems in 6.x. So anyway, I hope this helps someone out.
> Kind regards,
> Elvar
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