Question about rc-scripts

Stephen Allen sdafreebsduk at
Mon Oct 8 18:07:33 PDT 2007

Hi Derek,

> Not all scripts create a pid file is the simple answer.

I didn't see how the isc-dhcpd script or dovecot created a pid, so I
assumed it was something that rc.subr took care of.

> Your script should create the pid file on start, remove it on stop, and 
> simply cat that file on a status.  If you want help with your script, 
> post it, and I'm sure one of us will give you a hand.

Again, I thought the rc.subr functions took care of all that for you
(unless you wanted something special from those commands).

I've posted the script (changed quite a lot from vendor supplied) at:

If you (or anyone) were to suggest changes, I would very much appreciate
the reasons why, so I can learn.

Many thanks,

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