software to cut mp3 files?

D Hill d.hill at
Mon Oct 8 14:03:46 PDT 2007

On Mon, 8 Oct 2007 at 22:49 +0200, zszalbot at confabulated:

> Hello,
> Sorry for an unusual request - does anyone know of software that is
> able to split an mp3 file into multiple chunks at specified locations
> (doesn't have to have gui, actually best if it didn't), one that works
> under FreeBSD?
> I have files with a few songs in them and I would like to cut them
> into separate files. Never been there nor done that. All advice
> greatly appreciated.

I don't know of any non-gui. However, I've been using Audacity 
(/usr/ports/audio/audacity) doing just what you are looking to do. The 
/usr/ports/audio/audacity port is a little dated as the latest stable 
version at is 1.2.6. The one in the ports 
is at v1.2.4. However, I have the beta v1.3.3 loaded from the 
/usr/ports/audio/audacity-devel and have not had any issues thus far.

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