freezing, hard locking, and debug.mpsafenet=0

Kris Kennaway kris at
Mon Oct 8 11:54:31 PDT 2007

Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
> Elvar wrote:
>> Hi there,
> <snip>
>> <>  
>> which seemed to describe the same freezing I was having. One person 
>> mentioned setting debug.mpsafenet=0 in /boot/loader.conf and not 
>> having a problem since doing so. Well, I ended up doing the same thing 
>> and it's been about 25 days with not one freeze / lockup.
>> It's my understanding that the ability to even disable this has been 
>> taken out of 7.x, I only can hope that it's not an issue in 7.x like 
>> it is on some systems in 6.x. So anyway, I hope this helps someone out.
> Hi,
> What hardware is this? Sounds very similar to something I've seen too, 
> if it's the samt issue I can confirm it is happening in -CURRENT also.
> Could someone familiar with -CURRENT perhaps explain why this option 
> (debug.mpsafenet=0) is gone?

Because it was an obsolete option that was complicating the code and 
holding back further development.

If you are seeing bugs, you need to follow through with obtaining the 
necessary debugging (see the developers handbook), then submit a PR. 
Note that if you don't do this then you cannot reasonably expect anyone 
to fix your problems.


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