freezing, hard locking, and debug.mpsafenet=0

Per olof Ljungmark peo at
Mon Oct 8 10:43:47 PDT 2007

Elvar wrote:
> Hi there,
> <>  
> which seemed to describe the same freezing I was having. One person 
> mentioned setting debug.mpsafenet=0 in /boot/loader.conf and not having 
> a problem since doing so. Well, I ended up doing the same thing and it's 
> been about 25 days with not one freeze / lockup.
> It's my understanding that the ability to even disable this has been 
> taken out of 7.x, I only can hope that it's not an issue in 7.x like it 
> is on some systems in 6.x. So anyway, I hope this helps someone out.

What hardware is this? Sounds very similar to something I've seen too, 
if it's the samt issue I can confirm it is happening in -CURRENT also.

Could someone familiar with -CURRENT perhaps explain why this option 
(debug.mpsafenet=0) is gone?

Per olof

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