wyswyg editors for tex (was re: replacement for open office)

Aryeh Friedman aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 20:32:28 PDT 2007

> Yes there is wyswyg editor for TeX. Look among ports. I do not use one
> like most long time TeX users as it is useless. Every time you compile

lyx and I like it so far.

> You sound like using TeX is a bad thing and so difficult. It is not my
> 11 year old nice uses for her homeworks.

>From what little experience I have with PS and *roff the idea of
hacking inline embedded languages just for typesetting sounds stupid
beyond belief.... now that being said since I do need to do the
following (I run a small software vendor that also does some basic CS

     * Business communications
     * Technical writing (manuals)
     * Scientific writing

    and since all the more "traditional" (sorry I do not think of any
inline text language as being "traditional") word processing crash on
my machine (for programming I am very comfortable with nvi and have
never seen the need for anything else) that leaves stuff like the
embedded text langs, but for most stuff I don't want to have to write
a "program" (aka source code) for a "Dear Customer, Your trial period
is over" type letter (talk about over kill)... but if I use VI it
looks like crap so some type setting is needed

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