system stats tool(s)

Gary Kline kline at
Sun Oct 7 17:58:32 PDT 2007

	Can anyone of you system admin wizards suggest a better way of
	using simple X tools like xsysstats?   I would like to keep aware
	of as much info graphically as reasonable with the available
	utilities we've got.  As simply as possible.  I try to leave my server alone, so I rarely login (or KVM-button)
	there.  I'd be grateful for anyone sharing his args to xsysstats;
	or script; or any other means.  

	Here is what I've just fired off on tao|tao2:

 <tao2> [5063] xsysstats -type disk -type cpu -type context -type load5 -geometry 150x75

	thanks in advance,


  Gary Kline  kline at  Public Service Unix

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