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On Sun, Oct 07, 2007 at 07:27:21AM -0700, Garrett Cooper wrote:
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> Gary,
>    Depending on the webpages, amount of memory in use, and other 
> things, firefox did have a tendency to crash from time to time when I 
> used it. Most of the time it was an indication of bugs created by 
> over-optimized binaries or rogue plugins / add-ons / extensions.
>    conftest is run by autoconf, and a signal should only be 'thrown' 

	Same here.  No clue on the aborts or the SIGSYS.  That's because
	I don't watch my portupgrades.  It looks like it's time to run 
	``script'' and capture stuff.

> (IIRC) if a test fails.
>    Not sure about the signal 6 (SIGABRT) and other segfault stuff though..
>    About the X11 comment.. actually a system that's heavier loaded than 
> a lighter loaded system will exhibit more issues if any exist. So the 
> more you run (at one time), the more problems you will see (possibly...).

	I'm pretty sure that firefo and most everything build without
	-O3.  I'll double-ck.  Anyway, if binaries crash, it should't
	cause the server to power-cycle.  If it *is* heat, maybe we can
	use a fan from one of my junk Kayaks... .   
> Grant,
>    I'd check your thermal stuff then (both on your drives and your 
> case). What might be happening is that the machine is heating up after 
> extended periods of intense computation or disk use, then it reaches the 
> threshold operating temperature, and reboots.


	I'm thinking same thing with my Dell.  It's crammed in there 
	and may need more space to draw in fresh air.   ...Live 'n'
	learn, hopefully!


> HTH,
> -Garrett

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