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> Also if anyone wants to recommend any other books on C++ feel free.

For beginners, I'd highly recommend "C++ Primer" / Fourth Ed.
by Stanley B. Lippman et. al.

But if you're starting to learn programming from scratch,
it's much easier to begin with a scripted language like
Python (others prefer Ruby or Perl, which are fine too).

Why? C++ and STL are a powerful combination, but there's
a lot of pitfalls and gotchas that you won't experience
elsewhere (not so much with C itself, but with C++). And
the biggest shortcoming of Standard C++ is its lack of
standard libraries for stuff like network I/O, etc. Whatever
you'll use for that will be intrinsically platform dependent.
By learning a scripting language like Python, you'll get
instant portability for their standard library as well as
over 99% 3rd party modules. Once you've accumulated enough
experience there, you can always catch up on C++.

Whatever you opt to do, happy hacking and enjoy the ride! :)


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