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From: Trycom Technology Co., Ltd.                Juvia Chen          
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We known esteemed company from the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

Hearing that esteemed company is a famously leading in industrial automation, networking and system control project in the world.

We would like to have this opportunity to do business w/esteem company.

Trycom Technology Co., Ltd is one of the major suppliers of Industrial communication converter and digital Input/ Output and analog Input RS-485 modules products in Taiwan. Our customers are professional in many fields of leading Industrial automation, networking and system control project.

The company employees have many years’ experience within the industry and automation and have been responsible for the scope of design, project management, supply, manufacture and assembly of industrial computer systems. We believe employees are the most valuable resource and hence always have people in mind when making plans. Trycom is very proud of its creative and dynamic employees as well as its management team. This is our assurance of commitment to quality and customer service.

Our missions have been simple and clear. Customers must be provided with quality solutions. Meanwhile the velocity of design and the manufacturing capability must be ensured in order to improve the time needed to reach the marketplace. Moreover, strictly quality assurance in every area of the management system must be maintained and be exercised to guarantee low total delivery cost.

With unwavering principles and steady management, we are pursuing our goal of eternal progress. We will continue to strengthen our competitiveness and offer customers the best products and services.

      RS232/422/485 Best Solution   
     Wireless to   Serial Based on Bluetooth technology Trycom TRP-C51 allows you to wirelessly connect your RS-232/422/485 devices to systems within the range up to 100M, If use the outdoor direction antenna can up to 1KM,  Just plug it in, set the baud and you are connected, no software or drivers required.TRP-C51H supports both point-to-point connection and point-to-multipoint connection, It can use for wide range of application for wireless operation and monitoring process. 
      Ethernet Serial Server Trycom network serial device server are designed to instantly convert data from RS-232/422/485 interfaces to a 10/100Mbps Ethernet network running at the TCP/IP protocol. By Using a standard COM port and existing network infrastructure the device allow you to link together serial peripherals that are distant from one another without the need to install any specific cabling.  
     Fiber Optic Serial Fiber Optical to Serial:The fiber converter bi-directionally convert RS-232/422/485 signals to fiber optic and  extend the distance up to 20KM over single-mode. By using fiber optic transmission technology It secures data transmission at speeds up to 115.2Kbps, half/full duplex, bi-directional , stable and error free transmission. 

      Fiber Optical to Ethernet: The Ethernet to fiber supports 10/100Base-TX transmissions up to 100 meters and 100Base-FX transmissions up to 20KM . It is the perfect solution for wide distance connections with high immunity to electrical noise.
      USB to  Serial The USB series provide single or multi RS-232/422/485 port for USB connectivity. Features USB Plug and Play, auto data format detect and data flow control, the devices may work with RS-232/422/485 peripherals with automatically signals configuration to specified baud rate without external switch setting. 
     Serial Repeater The Repeater is designed to extend the RS-422 and RS-485 signals to another 4000ft ( 1200m ) distance and increase the maximum number of connected nodes up to 32 sets. Aside from extension function The Repeater provides with auto configuration features in data format detecting, baud rate setting and RS-485 data direction flow control. TRP-C07 is equipped with photo-couplers and internal surge protection to protect the module and all data lines against high voltage spikes, as well as ground potential differences. The industry standard DIN rail and panel mounting design enable user a fast and professional installation. TRP-C07 is the ideal solution for the user who wants to automate their application quickly, safely and cost-effectively. 
      RS232 to RS422/485 The Converter allows RS232 line signal to be bi-directionally converted to RS-422 or RS-485 standard and transmit data up to 1.2KM . Featuring automatic data format and baud rate detect function user just need to plug in the unit and go without extra configuration efforts. The Converter  is equipped with 3000V DC of isolation and internal surge protection on data lines to protect the host computer and converter against high voltage spikes, as well as ground potential differences. 
     Modbus AIO and DIO Trycom remote I/O module provides multi digital Input and output channels that allow you to input the logic signal from 0 to 30V DC/AC and  power relays or open-collector output .All channel features screw terminals for the convenience connection of field signals. Build-in a full set of command, watch-dog, auto reset function the module can be bi-directionally remote controlled by RS485 protocol, the AIO and DIO module can be remote controlled by PC in ASCII or Modbus RTU protocol. 


 If you are interested to our products pls don’t hesitate to contact with us. You are assured to get our best & quick service at anytime.


We are looking forward to hear from you soon. 



Juvia Chen


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