Building a SAN using FreeBSD

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Sat Oct 6 14:50:38 PDT 2007

Well, that's is a possibility, but seems a bit of a hack to me... The SAN
device would be interfaces to another FreeBSD box so there's no need for
Samba... what I'm looking for is a way to extend 1 file system to an
infinite size by adding additional devices/network boxes, like what is
available from HP and the bigger players, based on a journaled file system.
Multiple disks basically added together like RAID, but in a
software/hardware setup to create one large volume (and single file system).
The use would be for web services... so when a particular volume fills up I
can extend it by adding disks and not have to move home directories to
different file systems, etc...


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At 04:00 PM 10/6/2007, Don O'Neil wrote:

Anyone have any resources for building a FreeBSD based SAN device? IE, how
can I create an extendable file system using networked drives in muliple
boxes without paying a billion dollars for someones expensive drive arrays.


Well you can load FreeBSD on multiple boxes, I assume using cheap disks,
then run samba on each to share some of the drives.


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