C++ Compiler On FreeBSD

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at otenet.gr
Sat Oct 6 13:12:02 PDT 2007

James Jeffery wrote:
> Evening to you all (or morning in some parts of the world).
> Im learning C++ from Sams Teach Yourself C++, now many will call this
> a dumb method, and the books pointless and stupid, but i have no knowledge
> of any lower level languages, so i do need to be spoon fed the basics.
> Im using Borland C++ compiler on XP and was wondering what compilers
> there are for FreeBSD that would allow me to compile and execute some
> of the examples i will practise from the book.
> Also if anyone wants to recommend any other books on C++ feel free. We
> are learning VB at college at the moment, i like it, but its not machine
> portable
> and i dont like the whole drag and drop way of creating a program, seems
> like
> cheating.
> Thanks for reading
> James

Are you using the Jesse Liberty's book? (the 21 days thing ? :) )
This is actually quite good for a beginner in the language - just don't
try to finish it in 21 days...

On to your question, FreeBSD provides (and is actually compiled itself
by) the gcc compiler which will happily compile C and C++ programs. You
may as well wish to install a GUI frontend (like kdevelop), but this is
probably an overkill for the simple examples in the book.

P.S. Visual Basic (at least up to version 6) is the best and easiest way
to write the worst, most unreadable code... ever. Even worse, it may
actually work...sort of.

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